projected image of bird


projected image of spider

detail of bird


detail of spider

Two slide projections, in adjoining rooms.

Dimensions variable

for the show a glance from the right side, in the BA installation space, February 2004

Whilst taking down my work at the end of an exhibition, I noticed a small bird trapped in the gallery space. Eager to capture this encounter, I made a quick attempt to photograph it. On receiving my developed slides, only one shot showed the bird dark and yellow from the florescent lights. I set this aside. Weeks later a spider built a web amongst some cake cases on my desk. The two instances of inhabitation, linked by coincidence, were developed into a pair of slide projections. Situated in separate but adjacent rooms, at the same distance from the floor and at the same size. Whilst viewing one they indicated the other. Projected lower than waist height and at the dimensions of a postcard, they invited closer scrutiny.

The first projection to be encountered was the spider directly ahead upon entering the first room, and in a corner. A counterpoise existed between projector and wall and by peering down into this close space, the spider was revealed. On entering the second room the projection containing the bird sat in a left-hand corner. Because of the process of discovery when finding the spider, another surprise was looked for here. The bird slide shone on the surface of the same wall as the starling had originally perched when the photo was taken.